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Gift an instant dose of compassion, courage and inspiration, with this affirmation card and copper and glass frame set.

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Why choose this Give Yourself Kindness affirmation gift?

In less than 5 minutes a day harness the power of positive self-talk to disrupt negative thought patterns, calm and uplift your mind, and find strength in self-kindness.

A unique and thoughtful affirmation gift

Imagine giving a gift that offers daily doses of compassion and inspiration. The Give Yourself Kindness affirmation cards come in a luxurious glass and metal frame, providing a beautiful reminder to display in any home. This thoughtful affirmation gift supports the recipient in finding self-compassion and calm.

  • Backed by science Most affirmations are rooted in forced positivity but science has proved that this doesn't work. We carefully researched & tested affirmations that use self-compassion to disrupt negative thought patterns to change the way you speak to yourself.
  • Inspiration in an instant Surround yourself; on your desk, bedside table or in your wallet and wherever you go get an instant dose of compassion, courage and inspiration.


Find self-compassion affirmation cards including:

I release the pressure to make the perfect decision, knowing that a perfect decision doesn’t exist. (Set 1)

My worthiness of love is not dependent on being perfect or without flaws. (Set 2)

~ I can embrace change whilst reassuring myself that change is challenging. (Set 3)

*Each set includes 20 unique cards plus an extra card to write your own personalised affirmation.


Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift to show a loved one they deserve some kindness for themselves? Add your own gift message which will be handwritten and included inside your order.



Replace self-judgement with self-compassion and let the Give Yourself Kindness affirmation cards help you find calm & feel better. 


Affirmation gift details:  

Affirmation card details:

~ In each set find 20 affirmation cards & 1 extra card so you can add your own affirmation.

~ Printed in the UK on luxury 270gsm sustainably sourced paper from FSC-certified forests.

~ Plastic-free packaging.

~ Suitable for adults and teens.


Recycled metal & glass photo frame details:

~ Copper finish. 

~ 5" x 7"

~ Frames are completely hand-welded and finished by Indian artisans giving them a unique design and feel. 

Which Affirmation Card Set?

If you're wondering ‘What’s the difference between set 1, 2 & 3?’. It's just that each set contains its own unique affirmations. I had so many that I wanted to share with you, I had to create 3 sets! 

Please know that there is no right or wrong set to pick, there is no hierarchy or order that is best. Pick the set that speaks to you the most. 

Or choose to bundle & save and get all three! 

Plus have you seen our neuroscientist-backed sleep edition cards? Or our student and new mum edition?

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Sustainability Promise

Printed on FSC card, ensuring the protection of forests, together with the connected wildlife and communities.

Printed in the UK by an amazing company committed to sustainability.

Plastic-free packaging.

100% compostable.

therapist & private practice owner Collette Jones, LCSW 

Soothe the mind, ease tension, and cultivate a sense of peace

These cards are a beautiful tool that offer gentle reminders to soothe the mind, ease tension, and cultivate a sense of peace. Unlike other affirmations that can veer into forced positivity, these cards focus more on affirming self-acceptance and self-compassion. Whether you need a gentle reminder to be kind to yourself or encouragement to let go of the day's stressors, these affirmations offer soothing reassurance and can promote a peaceful internal environment.

- Collette Jones, LCSW

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A lovely gift

A lovely gift that I got for my brother and his partner when they were moving into their first home. Really high quality. Would definitely recommend.

Sustainability Promise

How many affirmation cards are in each set?

There are 20 affirmation cards in each set. Plus in one extra card to write your own affirmation.

What are examples of the affirmations included?

~ I release the pressure to make the perfect decision, knowing that a perfect decision doesn’t exist. (Set 1)

~ My worthiness of love is not dependent on being perfect or without flaws. (Set 2)

~ I can embrace change whilst reassuring myself that change is challenging. (Set 3)

What size are the affirmation cards?

Each affirmation card is 85 x 105mm.

kindness from you
kindness from you
I love that these affirmations don’t make me feel pressured to feel a certain way but at the same time I’ve really noticed that looking at them regularly has made a real impact on the way I speak to myself. I would highly recommend.
— Laura
give yourself affirmation card on stand 'my courage is stronger than my fear'
kindness from you
There is always one affirmation card with the appropriated guidance for each day. I keep finding my way but life keeps happening and I need reminders to make me feel supported again. The cards really help with that.
— Luisa
affirmation card 'i am enough'

What makes these affirmation cards different?

Self-compassion. Our ethos is all about empowering you with tools, backed by science, that support you, no matter how you feel.

Discover our expert-led blog to find out the research behind self-compassion, and why the time for self-compassion and Give Yourself Kindness is now.