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therapist & private pratice owner Julie Burke, LPC-S

HIGHLY RECOMMEND (100/10) - Such a safe & supportive resource

This journal created by Give Yourself Kindness is such a gift. There are affirmations throughout the journal that feel safe and encouraging to feel your feelings/experience emotions in ways that create a sense of safety and are free of judgment for yourself. It is part of the human experience to feel an array of emotions and this journal helps users navigate that. As a mental health clinician, this is something I would encourage clients to use as an extra support and as a human with emotions, it's something I highly value for myself.

- Julie Burke, LPC-S


There's a lot of wellness tools out there but Give Yourself Kindness is different. We've worked with experts to shut the door on false positivity and open it to self-compassion.

Discover our expert-led blog to find out the research behind self-compassion, and why the time for self-compassion and Give Yourself Kindness is now.

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Happiful Magazine's Senior Writer "Must-Have"...

We so rarely take the time to pause and recognise how we're feeling, and the Give Yourself Kindness journal makes a beautiful space for this. As well as prompting you to identify how you're feeling, the thoughtful prompts ask us to dig deeper, encouraging us to notice gratitude and embrace self-love. This is all done in a gentle and considered way, never feeling overwhelming or 'too much'. It's clear how much thought has gone into this journal and it really is a must-have for anyone on a self-love journey.

- Kat Nicolls

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