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We Care

Sustainability Matters

Made in the UK

Carbon Balanced Printers

Plastic Free Packaging

Made in the UK

Kind to you. Kind to the planet too.

Where is the Give Yourself Kindness journal printed?

Dedicated to sustainability, the Give Yourself Kindness journal is printed here in the UK, by a certified Carbon Balanced printed.

Where are the Give Yourself Kindness affirmation cards printed?

Around 10 miles from Give Yourself Kindness HQ, the affirmation cards are carefully printed by the highest quality local printer.

Do you use FSc paper?

It is incredibly important to us that we use uncoated FSC paper. The FSC is acknowledged by the WWF as the hallmark of responsible forest management as the timber is harvested in a responsible manner, ensuring the protection not just of the forests themselves, but also the wildlife and people who call them home. 

Do you use plastic in your packaging?

No. All our packaging is carefully chosen to give the best protection whilst being completely plastic free and sustainable.