Give Yourself Kindness Journal & Affirmation Cards

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Calm & uplift the mind, improve sleep, make a massive positive impact on how you feel with this ultimate toolkit. Find a safe space to explore how you feel with curiosity and kindness - the same kindness you would give to a friend.

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Feel empowered & inspired to flow through all of life's challenges with the signature highly-recommended Give Yourself Kindness journal & affirmation cards.

Replace self-judgement with self-compassion and let Give Yourself Kindness help you find calm & feel better


Why choose the Give Yourself Kindness journal?

Replace self-judgement with self-compassion Find tools to get curious about your inner dialogue, notice negative self talk and challenge it with kindness - the same kindness you would give to a friend.

Support sleep Feel calmer before bed by creating a safe space to unwind your thoughts, setting you up for a peaceful night's sleep.

Nurture a gratitude practice Find supportive, inquisitive prompts, instead of the pressure of widely used numbers, lines and bullet points making the scientifically proven practice of gratitude part of your wellbeing toolkit.

Know that the emotions you experience are different from who you are Find a safe space to welcome all emotions with curiosity and compassion. knowing that no emotion that you feel is wrong and that feeling the whole range of emotions is part of being human.

Make a positive impact on your wellbeing Make journalling, proven as an incredibly powerful tool, a life changing habit -made easier with give yourself kindness. 


Give Yourself Kindness journal details: 

  • 3 months (undated) worth of supportive, research-driven, proven prompts where no two days are the same.
  • Over 50 self care quotes, find daily reminders; "be careful how you talk to yourself, you are listening", "you can't be perfect, and you don't need to be", "the way you speak to yourself matters" and so many more.
  • Unique emotional curiosity tool... "it prompts rather than directs and there's no sense that unpleasant feelings are unwelcome or unhelpful"
  • Quality 120gsm sustainably sourced paper from FSC-certified forests.
  • Luxury pistachio green cloth cover.
  • Suitable for adults and teens.
  • Free exclusive Give Yourself Kindness tissue paper wrap and an optional handwritten gift note. (Add gift note at checkout).
  • A5, (224 pages), measures approx 6" x 8.5", 15.3 cm x 21.6 cm. 


Why choose the Give Yourself Kindness affirmation cards?

self-talk to disrupt negative thought patterns, calm and uplift your mind, and find strength in self-kindness.

  • Backed by science Most affirmations are rooted in forced positivity but science has proved that this doesn't work. We carefully researched & tested affirmations that use self-compassion to disrupt negative thought patterns to change the way you speak to yourself.
  • Inspiration in an instant Surround yourself; on your desk, bedside table or in your wallet and wherever you go get an instant dose of compassion, courage and inspiration.


Find 20 empowering affirmation cards including:

I release the pressure to make the perfect decision, knowing that a perfect decision doesn’t exist. (Set 1)

My worthiness of love is not dependent on being perfect or without flaws. (Set 2)

I can embrace change whilst reassuring myself that change is challenging. (Set 3)

*Plus find an extra card to write your own personalised affirmation.


Give Yourself Kindness affirmation card details: 

  • In each set find20 affirmation cards & 1 extra card so you can add your own affirmation.
  • Printed in the UK on luxury 270gsm sustainably sourced paper from FSC-certified forests.
  • Card size: 85mm x 100mm.
  • Plastic-free packaging.
  • Suitable for adults and teens.



Nurture self-compassion, curiosity and courage with Give Yourself Kindness.

Which Affirmation Card Set?

If you are wondering 'affirmation card sets 1,2 & 3... what’s the difference?’. The answer is that they are just different affirmations - I had so many that I wanted to share with you. I had to create 3 sets! 

Please know that there is no right or wrong set to pick, there is no hierarchy or order that is best. Pick the set that speaks to you the most. 

Or choose to save on the ultimate self-compassion bundle and get all three! 

Plus have you seen our neuroscientist-backed sleep edition cards? Or our student and new mum edition?

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Sustainability Promise

Printed on FSC-certified paper and card, ensuring the protection of forests, together with the connected wildlife and communities.

Printed in the UK by companies committed to sustainability.

Plastic-free packaging.

nic self-compassion teacher
give yourself kindness journal for self-compassion
accredited Level 4 Mindfulness and Compassion teacher (cpcab), Nic

Using this journal won’t feel like a chore

Such a beautiful and helpful journal, which takes you on a gentle guided journey to a place of calmness, comfort and kindness. Inside you will find all the journal prompts you will need, so you won’t have to spend time trying to come up with your own. I love how the journal prompts change throughout which helps keep me motivated with my practice. Using this journal won’t feel like a chore or another thing to do, it has quickly become a beautiful little ritual which I look forward to each day accompanied with a cup of tea and a biscuit! It’s helped me to process the day and honour how I am feeling with the gentle reminders to allow the emotions to just be without judgement, which is very comforting. It’s filled with beautiful gratitude prompts too to boost those happy vibes. Thank You so much. Highly recommended.

- Nic

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Kerry Munro
Absolutely love the journal & affirmation cards!

A truly beautiful journal. Love the layout and thoughtfully designed pages. The prompts really help too! And I’ve used the self kindness affirmation cards with the patients I work with on a mental health ward at work. The feedback was great! So many people struggle and forget to offer themselves kindness and self compassion, especially during hard times, when we need it most! These cards help remind us that we deserve to! Thank you :)


Beautiful journal which I'm finding really helpful!


Thoughful, useful, bite-sized reflections that are doable without being overwhelming


Extremely well made, such high quality! Can't wait to give it to my friend!


Maybe its only me but sometimes when I read the affirmation that makes me feel supported I also feel the need to use the journal and write about it. Its so relieving.

psychotherapist carrie pollard
give yourself kindness journal

By far my favourite guided journal that I’ve used!

Being able to identify what you’re feeling and compassionately explore the ‘why’ is central to self-connection and self-growth. The Give Yourself Kindness journal is a steady guide in this process. It helps you:

- name and process your emotions,

- identify what you need to cope and/or problem-solve,

- balance the acknowledgment of the hurt and suffering with gratitude and comfort, and

- give yourself the same compassion you would a loved one.

For me, journaling has been an important practice for insight, reflection and release, and this is by far my favourite guided journal that I’ve used!

- Carrie Pollard, MSW RSW

What makes Give Yourself Kindness different?

Self-compassion. Our ethos is all about empowering you with tools, backed by science, that support you, no matter how you feel.

Discover our expert-led blog to find out the research behind self-compassion, and why the time for self-compassion and Give Yourself Kindness is now.

give yourself kindness happiful review
give yourself kindness journal for self-compassion

Happiful Magazine's Senior Writer "Must-Have"...

We so rarely take the time to pause and recognise how we're feeling, and the Give Yourself Kindness journal makes a beautiful space for this. As well as prompting you to identify how you're feeling, the thoughtful prompts ask us to dig deeper, encouraging us to notice gratitude and embrace self-love. This is all done in a gentle and considered way, never feeling overwhelming or 'too much'. It's clear how much thought has gone into this journal and it really is a must-have for anyone on a self-love journey. 

- Kat Nicolls