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Transform Your Self-Talk: Affirmation Cards That Work

Imagine a tool when anytime, anywhere, you can quickly harness the power of positive self-talk to disrupt negative thought patterns, calm and uplift your mind, and find strength in self-kindness. Discover the Give Yourself Kindness affirmation cards and transform the way you speak to yourself.  

Why Choose Give Yourself Kindness Affirmation Cards? +

Be supported with our highly recommended affirmation cards - the ultimate tool for breaking the cycle of negative self talk and offer as daily reminders of your inner strength and resilience. Whether you're seeking motivation, self-love, or want to nurture a kind inner dialogue, our affirmation cards let you surround yourself with powerful and inspiring message and be gently guided to change the way you speak to yourself. Our affirmation cards are more than just words – they're tools that empower you to reshape your mindset.

Key Features of Our Affirmation Cards:

  • Backed by science: Many affirmations cards say that everything in life should be perfect. Science has proved that false positivity doesn't work. We wanted to bring you affirmations that work and create powerful reminders that gently guide you to change the way you talk to yourself and leave you feeling empowered, inspired and supported.
  • Premium Quality: Thoughtfully designed for calm and luxury and printed using luxury 270gsm sustainably sourced pistachio card. 
  • Sustainably made: Printed locally in the UK using sustainably sourced paper, the impact on the environment is highly important to us. 
  • Portable Inspiration: Carry them right by your side and wherever you go get an instant dose of positivity, compassion and inspiration. 
  • Daily Ritual: Weave Give Yourself Kindness affirmations into each day and notice the life changing impact on your wellbeing. 

How Do Affirmation Cards Work?

Harness the potential of positive thinking through Give Yourself Kindness affirmation cards. Grow self-compassion by regularly reading our carefully written affirmations, inviting curiosity, gentleness and strength. 

Give Yourself Kindness Affirmation Card FAQs

What size are your affirmation cards? 

Each affirmation card is 85 x 105mm.

How many affirmation cards are included in each set?

There are 20 Give Yourself Kindness affirmation cards in each set. Plus find an extra card to personalise your set and create your very own affirmation card.

What are affirmation cards?

Affirmation cards are a collection of cards, each featuring a positive statement or mantra designed to promote self-improvement and personal growth.

What is the best way to use affirmation cards?

Importantly use your affirmation cards however feels most helpful to you. However if you wanted our tips add you affirmation cards around the house for daily gentle reminders. Every time you see one - on the fridge door, back door or by the toothbrush read the affirmation outloud to yourself. Repeat the affirmation every time you see it to reinforce its message.

    Can anyone benefit from using affirmation cards?

    Absolutely! Our affirmation cards are designed for everyone! All our affirmation sets are suitable for adults and teens. Although the moment we don't have a set specifically designed for younger aged children, watch this space! If you have any questions on which set may be best for you, get in touch, we would love to help and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

    Can I send your affirmation cards as a gift?

    Yes, we love the idea of sending a set as a gift for you! We would also love to make your gift as special for you as possible and so with all orders we offer a free personalised hand written gift note. Add your message to the product page and we will make sure it is included for you. Want an extra special gift? Have you seen our affirmation card wellness gift box? Or our ultimate wellness Give Yourself Kindness gift box?

    Do you offer themed sets of affirmation cards?

    Yes, we have 3 set that are designed for anyone. We also have a new mum edition affirmation cards set and a student edition affirmation cards set


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