Curious about self-compassion?

Discover our expert-led blog to find out the research behind self-compassion, and why the time for self-compassion and Give Yourself Kindness is now.

too much self-compassion

Can you ever give yourself too much self-compassion?

Delve into the research with Carrie Pollard, MSW RSW and how it continues to find more and more benefits to giving ourselves more kindness. It's time to break down the myth that being ‘too compassionate’ will make us selfish, unmotivated, and at risk of wallowing in self-pity or becoming a doormat to others. 
self-compassion to manage anxiety

How self-compassion can help us manage anxiety

Explore the connection between self-compassion and anxiety with Dr. Erika Bach. Discover how cultivating kindness and acceptance can ease distress and foster resilience. Dive into the practice of self-compassion to transform your relationship with anxiety.
embracing guilt unveiling self-compassion blog by therapist clare karasik

Embracing guilt: unveiling self-compassion

Explore the transformative power of guilt with Clare Karasik, MSW RSW, as she guides you toward self-compassion and inner peace. With over a decade of experience, Clare empowers women to embrace imperfection and find balance amidst life's challenges.
self-compassion the antodite to perfectionism blog by therapist collette jones

Self-compassion: the antidote to perfectionism

Join Collette Jones, LCSW, on a journey to unravel the grip of perfectionism through the transformative lens of self-compassion. Break free from the shackles of unattainable standards and embrace imperfection as the gateway to personal growth.
Riding the wave of emotions

Riding the wave of emotions

Nurture emotional resilience with Dr. Laura Berssenbrugge as she unveils the transformative journey of 'Riding the Wave of Emotions' through the lens of DBT's Opposite Action technique. Challenge societal norms and redefine strength as you navigate the depths of emotional regulation.
self-compassion & greif by dr mekel harris

Self-compassion & grief

Dive into grief with Dr. Mekel Harris as she explores self-compassion's power amidst grief. Challenge societal norms, redefine strength, and embrace patience and kindness. Explore practical strategies for self-nurturing amidst grief, shifting from criticism to solace and guidance.
feel your feelings blog

How do you 'Feel your feelings'?

Join experienced therapist Julie Burke, LPC-S as she unravels the intricacies of feeling your feelings. Explore the beauty and challenges of acknowledging and navigating conflicting feelings, and empower yourself to embrace the full spectrum of your emotional experience.
5 myths about emotions blog

5 myths about emotions

Hear from Margaret Davis, MS, LPC, as she dispels common myths about emotions and offers compassionate analogies for navigating their complexities. Embrace the full spectrum of human emotions with kindness and understanding
inner critic to compassionate voice blog

Transforming your inner critic into a compassionate voice

Journey with Jiva Masheder, MSc, as she unveils the transformative process of turning your inner critic into a compassionate ally. Embrace self-compassion as a nurturing voice amidst the relentless chatter of self-criticism.
Simple yet effective routines for better sleep: a neuroscientist's guide

Simple yet effective routines for better sleep: a neuroscientist's guide

Unlock the secrets to quality sleep with Olena Santangeli, PhD, as she shares simple yet effective routines to enhance your well-being. Craft morning and evening rituals, harness sunlight exposure, and embrace journaling for restful nights and rejuvenated mornings.
self-compassion as a new mum

Why self-compassion as a new mum is so important

Self-compassion is more than just a buzzword—it's a lifeline for new mums navigating the unpredictable journey of motherhood. As Holly Price PGDip MBACP, a postpartum therapist, emphasises, embracing self-kindness can be transformative during this challenging phase. With societal pressures and personal expectations, self-compassion becomes a beacon of hope, offering solace and support to new mothers.
embrace your emotions

How to embrace your emotions: the 4A's

Emotions are both wonderful and challenging. Written by psychotherapist Nina Holle, delve into awareness, allowing, assessment, and action for emotional well-being.