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give yourself kindness journal and affirmation card set
give yourself kindness happiful review

Happiful Magazine's Senior Writer "Must-Have"...

We so rarely take the time to pause and recognise how we're feeling, and the Give Yourself Kindness journal makes a beautiful space for this. As well as prompting you to identify how you're feeling, the thoughtful prompts ask us to dig deeper, encouraging us to notice gratitude and embrace self-love. This is all done in a gentle and considered way, never feeling overwhelming or 'too much'. It's clear how much thought has gone into this journal and it really is a must-have for anyone on a self-love journey. 

- Kat Nicolls

What makes this journal different?

Self-compassion. Our ethos is all about empowering you with tools, backed by science, that support you, no matter how you feel.

Discover our expert-led blog to find out the research behind self-compassion, and why the time for self-compassion and Give Yourself Kindness is now.