by Rachel Smith, founder and owner of Give Yourself Kindness


The challenges of gratitude


One of the big driving factors to create the Give Yourself Kindness journal was when thinking about gratitude. 


I couldn't find a journal that included gratitude without lines, numbers and pressure! 

“Three things I am grateful for today..

  1. ________________

  2. ________________

  3. ________________ “

The idea that I would have a look, not immediately be able to fill in the blanks and then my mind would decide to tell me I was an awful, ungrateful person and of course I “should” (I hate the word) be able to think of all the amazing things to be grateful for. guess what? The idea of that didn’t help. 


But the thing is I am grateful for so many things, and I know that noticing and writing down the things that you’re grateful for is so helpful for counteracting the negative bias in our brains and brilliant to support our mental health. 


The Give Yourself Kindness journal is there to give a supportive hand to lean us into gratitude, banish pressure and offer reassurance that some days gratitude might be harder than other days and that is okay. 


Why it’s okay to find gratitude hard sometimes 


Did you also know it is scientifically proven that some people's brains find gratitude harder than others, but also that with practice the brain can change to build up the gratitude practice, it’s just like a muscle!


Sending you warmth & kindness,  

rachel owner of give yourself kindness