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1 week of evolving prompts, where no two days are the same

Self care quotes & inspiration; including "be careful how you speak to yourself, you are listening" and more...


Feel empowered & supported to flow through all of life's challenges with the give yourself kindness journal - the powerful self compassion toolkit here to help.

Discover Give Yourself Kindness journalling today with this 14 double page pdf download (1 week mini edition).

Why choose the Give Yourself Kindness journal...

~ A safe space to welcome all emotions: find reassurance and help to notice your emotions in a way that is curious and compassionate.

~ A journey of supportive prompts:
1 week of evolving prompts, where no two days are the same.

~ Reassurance that thoughts are not facts:
Grow a curiosity to your inner dialogue and know that there is a difference between who you are and what you feel.

~ A powerful tool designed for all:
A universal journal that is loved by beginner and experienced journallers.

This PDF printable 1 week mini edition of the Give Yourself Kindness journal brings together scientifically proven tools to take your hand and explore your emotions. It offers a supportive space to develop emotional resilience bringing strength and positivity to your day....and by being a PDF printable you can start today!

Replace self judgement with self compassion with give yourself kindness journalling 💚

Please note: this is a PDF digital download, nothing physical will be sent to you.

This PDF is for personal usage only. For all other uses, permission must be granted by Give Yourself Kindness.

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The quality of this item is so much more than I expected it totally matched the description. I am so pleased that I bought two as I know that my friend will love this gift for Christmas. Thank you so much.
This is a perfect gift for anyone in a healing process. It is so gorgeous, the quality of the paper is amazing and I love that there are different questions every day.
I purchased this after hearing about the benefits of journaling from my favourite podcast, I chose this one because the podcast mentioned about how powerful it is to notice emotions. It has really helped me feeler calmer, especially before bed. I would really recommend!
"every page feels unique"
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I'm recommending it to all my friends!

I've been using the Give Yourself Kindness journal at bedtime every night for a few weeks now, and I can really feel the difference in how well I am able to process my thoughts and feelings at the end of the day. I am sleeping better and feeling more able to cope with the challenges of life and work. I started this habit to help with anxiety, and think I could have benefited from using the journal in calmer periods as well as more intense ones. It feels like the best kind of self-care, and I'm recommending it to all my friends!

- Jennifer

"when I didn't use it, my sleep was no way as good"
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Award Winning Mental Health Magazine happiful
Happiful Magazine's Senior Writer "Must-Have"...

"We so rarely take the time to pause and recognise how we're feeling, and the Give Yourself Kindness journal makes a beautiful space for this. As well as prompting you to identify how you're feeling, the thoughtful prompts ask us to dig deeper, encouraging us to notice gratitude and embrace self-love. This is all done in a gentle and considered way, never feeling overwhelming or 'too much'. It's clear how much thought has gone into this journal and it really is a must-have for anyone on a self-love journey." 

- Kat Nicolls

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