Gifts That Care: Create Comfort in Eating Disorder Recovery

Make A Difference With Kindness

Welcome to a space of compassion to share carefully selected gifts to support your loved one through the path of eating disorder recovery. We understand the delicate nature of this journey whilst recognising the impact that a caring gift can have.

Here, you won't find gifts that pose challenges; instead, you'll discover a collection that nurtures, uplifts, and creates moments of comfort. Join us as we explore how each carefully chosen gift holds the power to make a difference with kindness, supporting your loved one with tools from a place of care. 

A Gift of Kindness: The Give Yourself Kindness Journal 

eating disorder recovery gift kindness journal

The Give Yourself Kindness journal gently offers solace and support, providing a soothing space to navigate any emotion with care. Based on the tools of self-compassion this 'recommended by professionals' journal is a thoughtful gift can create a gentle yet powerful tool. Imagine the kindness your loved one speaks to their friends with, with this tools they'll get support to speak to themselves with that same kindness. 

"This is a perfect gift for anyone in a healing process. It is so gorgeous, the quality of the paper is amazing and I love that there are different questions every day."

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A Gift To Share: Award Winning Mental Health Magazine Happiful Subscription 

eating disorder recovery gift mental health magazine

The award-winning Happiful magazine is an gift put together by an amazing range of experts in the mental health field, offering not just stories but a catalogue of comfort, insight, and crucially, a sense of connection for your loved one navigating the challenges of an eating disorder. Let them feel the unwavering support through each page, leaving them with a toolkit of ideas that could genuinely inspire and aid them on their path to recovery.

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A Gift Of Connection: Forest Bathing Experience 

eating disorder recovery gift forest bathing

Connection with nature and the soil can be an incredibly powerful and comforting feeling. Gifting the soothing practice of forest bathing can be a wonderfully thoughtful way to support your loved one. It's like giving them a comforting embrace from nature - a grounding experience that brings moments of calm. Picture it as a gentle retreat where the natural surroundings become a friendly companion on their path to healing. 

Discover more here (UK) 

(Outside of the UK search for forest bathing in your area). 


A Gift To Inspire: Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself – Kristin Neff

eating disorder recovery gift self compassion book

Gift the knowledge of self-compassion by renowned psychologist Dr Kristin Neff. This empowering book, written by the pioneering expert on self-compassion provides practical tools for navigating life's challenges with sense of self-compassion. Let this book could become a beacon of understanding and strength, offering gentle guidance to foster self-love and resilience on their journey to healing.

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A Gift To Empower: Give Yourself Kindness Affirmation Cards

eating disorder recovery gift affirmation cards

The Give Yourself Kindness affirmation cards delicately extend solace and support, offering a serene space to embrace affirmations that work. Instead of fake-positivity, these affirmation cards are carefully made to support you however you feel and create a gentle yet powerful tool, fostering self-compassion and creating moments of calm throughout the healing journey. 

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A Gift To Create: Abstract Painting Kit 

eating disorder recovery gift creative painting kit

Creating a safe space to immerse yourself in creativity can be an incredibly powerful tool. With this abstract painting kit imagine your loved one expressive themselves with art and finding a space aware from any challenging thoughts.We love this kit from Sculpd but there is also lots of other kits, or you can make your own, to create a unique and thoughtful gift to create something special. 

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A Gift To Calm: Calm Meditation App Subscription 

eating disorder recovery gift calm meditation app

Calm, the meditation app, emerges as a soothing and supportive gift backed by its reputation for providing a vast array of guided meditations, sleep stories narrated by calming voices like Matthew McConaughey, and stress-relieving music. With its evidence-based approach and millions of users worldwide, let Calm be a tool to support moments of mindfulness. 

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It feels important to say that even though genuine time and care has been made choosing gifts that offer powerful tools of support, everyone in eating disorder recovery is different. What supports one person, may not support others.  That being said all these gifts have been chosen so they don't create any triggers, and hold tools that could really help your loved one find moments of calm and comfort in such a challenging time. 


Sending lots of warmth and kindness to everyone in this really challenging and complex time. I hope this can helps and that Give Yourself Kindness can be a place of support and a place to share tools that make a difference. 


Please reach out if I can help with any questions, Rachel x


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