Affirmation Cards: Set 2


Surround Yourself With Powerful & Inspiring Messages

Disrupt Negative Thought Patterns & Replace Them With An Inner Dialogue Of Kindness

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Unlock Your Inner Calm with "Give Yourself Kindness" Affirmation Cards

Embrace a tool that transforms negative thought patterns, calms & uplifts the mind, and fosters self-love anytime, anywhere.

Discover the Power of Positive Self-Talk

Imagine feeling gently guided towards self-kindness, disrupting negative thoughts and infusing your day with compassion. The Give Yourself Kindness affirmation cards are your gateway to inner calm and emotional resilience.

Why Choose Our Self-Love Affirmation Cards?

Designed to make a real impact on your well-being, these affirmation cards offer daily doses to:

  1. Ignite Your Inner Calm: Experience a daily ritual that nurtures emotional well-being and empowers you to face life's challenges with grace.

  2. Strength in Vulnerability: Acknowledge that seeking support is a strength, and you're not alone in your experiences. Our cards encourage openness and honesty.

  3. Crafted with Love and Sustainability: Each card is individually designed and printed in the UK on luxurious 270gsm pistachio card sourced from FSC-certified forests.  

Your Daily Affirmation Ritual

Discover 20 carefully crafted affirmation cards, including empowering affirmations including:

~ I choose to embrace the journey instead of being fixed on a destination.

~ I am not alone in my experiences and there is no shame in seeking help or support - it is a strength. 
~ I can be open and honest with others, even when it makes me feel vulnerable.

Bonus: Personalise your affirmations with an extra card to write your own affirmation.

You Matter

Replace self-judgement with self-compassion. These affirmation cards are more than just words; they are a daily reminder that You Matter.

Affirmation Card Details:

  • Includes: 20 individually designed affirmation cards.
  • Card Size: 85mm x 100mm, printed on sustainable 270gsm pistachio card.
  • Local and Sustainable: Printed in the UK by a small business committed to sustainability.
  • Plastic-Free Packaging: Our commitment to the environment extends to our packaging.

Transform your daily routine, embrace gratitude, and cultivate self-love with the Give Yourself Kindness affirmation cards. Your journey to transform the way you speak to yourself starts here.

kindness from you
I know this will be so supportive for me in a challenging time I'm going through at the moment, but also for years to come in the future. The cards are a lovely quality and the design of each one is slightly different, which fits well with the themes of the affirmations.
I love that these affirmations don’t make me feel pressured to feel a certain way but at the same time I’ve really noticed that looking at them regularly has made a real impact on the way I speak to myself. I would highly recommend.
I have enjoyed reading through them in the evenings and noticing which affirmations particularly resonate with me that given day and I have already noticed their impact during my work day which I am now approaching with more self-compassion, kindness and gratitude. Thank you!
Amazing product. Thank you so much and for the sweet note too. Would love to purchase more in the future, they make for really lovely gifts! They're also kind reminders when are brains aren't too great to ourselves :)
Feel comforted, inspired & empowered
What's inside?

Find 20 supportive & empowering affirmation cards including:

~ I choose to embrace the journey instead of being fixed on a destination.

~ I am not alone in my experiences and there is no shame in seeking help or support - it is a strength. 

~ I can be open and honest with others, even when it makes me feel vulnerable.

*Plus find a card to write your own personalised affirmation.

Discover the Give Yourself Kindness affirmation cards - a proven tool to nurture self-compassion, kindness & courage and make a massive positive impact on the way you speak to yourself.

Sustainability Promise

Printed on FSC card, ensuring the protection of forests, together with the connected wildlife and communities.

Printed in the UK by an amazing company committed to sustainability.

Plastic-free packaging.

Can be loved & reused for many years to come.

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