by Rachel Smith, founder and owner of Give Yourself Kindness


I'll be honest I used to roll my eyes at affirmations 


The whole idea of spouting off overly positive phrases really didn't resonate with me. I mean, who really feels motivated by words like 'I only have positive thoughts' or 'Today is going to be perfect!' when perfect and positive only thoughts don't exist! 


Navigating the Eye-Rolling Affirmation Dilemma


The truth is, I struggled with the disconnect between these eye-rolling affirmations and the reality of life. It seemed like a forced attempt to sprinkle glitter on my challenges and call it a day. So, I tossed affirmations aside, convinced they weren't my thing.

But there was a niggle inside of me. Deep down, I knew that the messages we tell ourselves are really important, they shape our mindset and, ultimately, our reality. That's when the lightbulb moment hit: what if affirmations could be crafted with authenticity and self-compassion rather than drowning in forced positivity?


Mission Empowerment: Creating Affirmation Cards that Work


Creating affirmation cards that left you feeling empowered and supported - and really worked! - became my mission. 

I understand that everything is a balance. It's not always about achieving more or pushing harder—it's about finding equilibrium, recognising our common humanity, that feeling both positive and uncomfortable emotions are normal and embracing this experience with kindness.


Shift from Fake-Positivity to Self-Compassion


The Give Yourself Kindness affirmation cards are more than just snippets of feel-good phrases. They are a reflection of the real struggles we face, coupled with a compassionate reminder that it's okay not to be okay. In a world that often highlights relentless productivity, these cards are a breath of fresh air—a tool to help you reframe your self-talk, leave you feeling supported and empowered and transform challenges into stepping stones.

I'm so proud of what we've created. These cards have become a daily companion for me and many others, offering a moment of solace and a gentle push in the right direction. They're not about denying the difficulties of life but acknowledging them with grace and empowering yourself to flow through all of life's challenges. 

If you're ready to shift from 'eye-rolling' affirmations to a tool that embraces self-compassion, give our affirmation cards a try. I promise you won't be met with clichés but with words that resonate and make a real difference to your inner dialogue. 


Click below to invite a dose of genuine positivity into your life—a positivity that starts with acknowledging the ebbs and flows of life and embraces that surrounded by comforting & inspiring messages. 


Sending you warmth & kindness,  

rachel owner of give yourself kindness