by Rachel Smith, founder and owner of Give Yourself Kindness


Why Self-compassion matters


What word would you use to describe the way you speak to yourself? How would it feel if this word was kind?


We all have an inner critic. It can feel automatic to judge, criticise, or critique ourselves, and whilst it can helpful to remember that it is our brain trying to help. (We all, as humans, have a negativity bias that was designed to keep us safe.) It is also important that this inner critic can be joined by inner kindness. 

We can decide to give ourselves kindness too and this is where self-compassion affirmations can help - as a powerful tool make our inner voice of kindness louder. 

It is important to say that noticing your inner-critic, and challenging it with kindness, is challenging.  

But, you can do challenging things. If a time when your inner critic felt so loud and dominating comes to mind right now, I hope I can reassure you that you can change the way you speak to yourself. 


Using Affirmations to Challenge Your Inner Critic

Self-compassion is such an important and powerful tool. Imagine you were thinking of a friend, would you speak to them the same way you speak to yourself?

Imagine self-compassion as a tree, rooted to support you, providing shade and protection during life's storms. Let affirmations be the sunlight that fuels the growth, each repetition another beam of light that anchors the roots further. 

Let these affirmations support you to be more compassionate with yourself. It may feel uncomfortable at times. Know that this is okay. Try to be kind to yourself in the moments of struggle. 

Give yourself kindness when your self-compassion doesn’t show up like you’d want it to. This is normal. No journey is straight forward and you hold the resilience to navigate any uncomfortable twists and turns. 

self-compassion affirmation card


11 Self-Compassion Affirmations 

1. I choose to give myself the same kindness I would give to a friend.

2. I am deserving of love, compassion and kindness, exactly as I am.

3. I can give myself kindness and reassure myself that it is not selfish.

4. I am not alone in my experiences and there is no shame in seeking help or support - it is a strength.

5. I can give myself the same patience, understanding and support that I would give to a friend.

6. I can make mistakes and recognise that they help me grow.

7. My struggles and challenges do not make me less worthy of love and kindness.

8. I can’t be perfect and I don’t need to be.

9. I can be gentle with myself in life’s ups and downs, without feeling like I need to see the positive in everything.

10. The challenges I face today make me stronger for tomorrow. 

11. My mistakes don’t define me.


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5 Tips To Remember When Using Affirmations 


1. Embrace Your Unique Path

There's no right or wrong way to use affirmations. It's a personal journey, and you get to decide what feels good for you. Allow yourself the freedom to explore and discover the affirmations that resonate with you the most. 

2. Listen to Your Inner Voice

It is normal that some affirmations will speak to you more than others, pick ones that resonate with you. Try not to judge yourself for which one you choose, instead.

3. Your Voice, Your Power

Whether you whisper them to yourself or boldly declare them to the world, affirmations are your personal expressions of strength. Say them in your head, speak them out loud, or even write them down in a journal. They are for you, for you to use in your way. 

4. Embrace the Journey

Affirmations are not a one-size-fits-all solution. They're a tool for self-discovery and growth. If one affirmation doesn't quite click, that's okay. Allow yourself the grace to evolve and experiment. The journey is just as important as the destination.

5. Amplify Your Experience

Consider keeping a kindness journal to document your affirmations journey. The highly-rated "Give Yourself Kindness" journal is a fantastic companion. Reflect on your experiences, celebrate small victories, and track the positive changes unfolding within you. Your affirmation practice is a personal narrative—make it a story of self-love and growth.


Remember, this is your journey to self-compassion, and you're in control. Let kindness guide you, and enjoy the empowering process of nurturing your inner world with affirmations.


Happy affirming!


Sending you warmth & kindness,  

rachel owner of give yourself kindness