It was amazing to share the Give Yourself Kindness journal with Kat, she used it over a couple of months and afterwards, I asked her thoughts, and this was her response.

Can you tell me a little about your experience of using the Give Yourself Kindness journal? How it made you feel and how you found it different from other journals you have used?   

“Recently I've been taking an unstructured approach to journaling, using just a plain notebook and my thoughts. Moving from this to the Give Yourself Kindness journal has been more fruitful than I could have imagined. identifying my emotions each day, recognising the conflicts within them and accepting this was ok helped me process in a nourishing way. Previous journals I've used that included 'mood tracking' would often ask you to sum up your day in one emotion, which is difficult. I really appreciated having the space to explore the multiple emotions I'd often feel in a day - we're multi-faceted beings and this journal allows for that. I also enjoyed the various prompts and found myself having more realisations than I've had using previous journals. The questions seem to tease out what's just beneath the surface for me - something that in all honesty I hadn't even realised I needed until now! Overall it's helped me further improve my relationship with myself (something that is an ongoing journey) and made me feel more accepting and understanding of my emotions. It's been an incredibly useful experience, so thank you.”


I feel so grateful to hear what Kat shared about her experience using the journal and how it offered her reassurance that feeling many emotions in a day is completely normal and that noticing them using the journal can be an exploratory nourishing journey. 



Sending you warmth & kindness,  

Rachel x

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