Do you ever find yourself trying to do everything perfectly? I certainly have and it’s something I struggle with, but every time I notice those thoughts I try to tell myself these really important things...


  • Why would I want to be “perfect”? (I really do not like that word) if I was “perfect" then what would I do? I would not be able to learn and grow and learning and growing is fun and motivating. Imagine how boring having nothing to learn would be!

  • How would it be even possible to be “perfect” - if I try and do the “perfect” thing for a friend (I am definitely not suggesting this idea) but then, would this same thing be perfect for my brother?! or for my mum? so the “perfect” thing is just not perfect at all! Disaster?! But it’s not a disaster at all, it just shows how impossible perfect is, how perfect does not exist. How being human means being imperfect. 

  • Would I expect a friend to be perfect? Would I think any less of a friend if they made a mistake? Absolutely not! These questions seem so clear and obvious, so if i think that of a friend, maybe i could choose to think that of myself too!


Next time you catch yourself beating yourself up for not being perfect or making a mistake, please try and talk to yourself with the kindness you deserve. Say to yourself that you never need to be or can be perfect, that it’s normal and good to make mistakes, it shows that you’re human. And after all, being human, very wonderful and completely loveable as it is, is the only option! 


Sending you kindness, 


What story are you telling yourself today?

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